When Apple launched Tap to Pay on iPhone earlier this year I thought it was awesome, very cool, but limited in reach thanks to just how many businesses were likely using the payment providers available at launch. Over the months since, more payment providers have come on board, but today, it went next level with Square now accepting Tap to Pay with iPhone.

Alongside square is Zeller another big payment merchant in Australia for small business so this is a real step forward for making accepting payments easier across all sized businesses.

And it really is – simple.


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Ben Pfisterer, CEO of Zeller says “Zeller’s launch of Tap to Pay on iPhone is a significant step forward in our mission to simplify financial management for businesses of all sizes. By offering Tap to Pay on iPhone within the Zeller App — our dedicated business super app — we’re offering increased efficiency for our customers, who can accept payments, manage finances, and streamline operations all from their iPhone. This is a game-changer for business owners at every stage,”

Over at Square, their Aussie Executive director Marco Lamantia says “Australian businesses are incredibly tech savvy and are always looking for solutions that can make running their business easier,”

“Tap to Pay on iPhone helps reduce some of the barriers to entry for new businesses, and enables existing sellers to create new ways to sell with nothing more than their iPhone and the Square app. They can get set up in minutes and begin making sales in seconds.”

How does it work for Shoppers?

For shoppers, the important thing to note here is – nothing changes, just that instead of a little white terminal or a bulky bank terminal you might have tapped on before, you might now be presented with an iPhone. This could be someone in the store walking around or at the regular checkout – the thing is, it’s up to the store how they accept your payment.

If things are busy at the regular checkout, they might send staff out with iPhones to take payments.

Likewise at the local canteen or sports ground, you might be asked to tap your card or phone on an iPhone – no big deal at all!

Just look for the clear payment info on the screen before you tap as you always should!

If I’m selling things, I can just use my iPhone to accept payments?

Until now, if you’re a small business, tradie, cafe or canteen, you needed a bank to authorise you as a merchant and supply the terminal – possibly at great cost.

Or you sign up to something like Square or Zeller and buy a small payment terminal to go alongside your phone or to work on its own.

Now, you can sign up to one of the many merchant providers like Square and Zeller to get a merchant account, and start accepting payments there and then on your iPhone!

It’s literally that easy! I did it for EFTM -just need all the business details like ABN etc and for the details you use to match company records, and you’re ready to accept payments!

Square and Zeller sellers and new merchants can begin using Tap to Pay on iPhone today, on an iPhone XS or later running the latest version of iOS