We are no strangers to Razer products here at EFTM, covering everything from the recent Razer Blade RTX to the iterations of the Razer Phone and all products in between. And having been in and around the gaming scene for years now, I can attest to the change of trends in the overall design and marketing of these products. For a while we saw a big push into the nerdiest, biggest and most aggressive display of geek technology you could imagine.

However over the last few years the dynamic seems to have shifted every so slightly into a more covert and discreet style of gaming technology – until we made our way to this point, a device built using what would traditionally be considered gaming tech, by a gaming company for mainstream market use.

It’s written all over the Razer Blade Studio Edition, the thin ‘mercury-white’ styled chassis, 4K display, RTX graphics card and either an i7 or i9 CPU. To a gamer, those are all phenomenal components – in much the same way they would be to a graphic designer, video editor and/or content creator.

The closest thing we’ve seen to this from Razer was the #MadeWithBlade campaign they ran last year, but to see a whole product dedicated the space is awesome.

Jason Paul, the GM of GeForce software and technology at NVIDIA has said that “The combination of NVIDIA Quadro and GeForce RTX GPUs with Razer’s sleek design and up to 4K display make for an excellent laptop for content creation. The ray tracing, AI, and 6K+ video prowess of the Razer Blade RTX Studio laptops will free artists from their desks and allow them to create amazing art from anywhere.”

Razer have hit the mark with the Blade Studio Edition – breaking into a space they’ve traditionally sidelined. It’s being shipped in a 15-inch (i7-9750H) and 17-inch model (i9-9880H). We’re unsure of the pricing yet, but we expect the Razer Blade Studio Edition