Forget your Apple Music recap, or the Spotify Wrapped, Vodafone is doing Unwrapped 2023 and releasing info about what on earth Aussies were doing while connected to their network in 2023.

It’s really quite interesting too! Vodafone Post-Paid customers consume a massive 25 gigabytes of data per month, 57% more than what the ACCC determine to be the national average of 15.9GB, that’s 100 hours of streaming per month!

Talk time is still a thing too, while we don’t pay for it in the age of unlimited calls and texts, Vodafone customers spent more than 8.25 billion minutes on phone calls this year, that’s a 15,703 year long phone call folks!

Mums got all the calls this year, because May was the busiest month with 383 million calls being made! More than 2 million Vodafone customers make a call every single day, with 2.79 billion phone calls in 2023 – 7.94 million per day! The average customer makes 27 calls a week, but they are on average just 2.9 minutes long.

If you’re wondering why someone isn’t answering at the end of the day on Thursday, 5pm Thursday is the chattiest hour of the week!

In terms of data growth, on average Vodafone Postpaid customers downloaded 18% more data in 2023 than they did in 2022.

And the Vodafone 5G network traffic has doubled over the last year – now making up 33% f total mobile use.

“Vodafone Unwrapped shows how our customers are leading the digital charge in downloading data and connecting with each other and the world. Over the past three years, Vodafone has revolutionised its mobile network, tripling 5G coverage to over 3000 sites across 3,115 suburbs in Australia. Network use is soaring, with 5G traffic doubling in the last year, connecting three million 5G handsets,” said a Vodafone spokesperson.

“Now you can share the Vodafone’s network experience with family and friends through our new Refer a Friend offer. Our customers will be able to earn up to $250 credit towards their bill each year, while every referred friend will get a $50 credit. It’s never been a better time to experience Vodafone’s best-ever network.”