This award is a call-out to the motoring industry. We need more hatchbacks. Honestly, the car culture of Australia has it’s V8 lovers, but think about all the Golf GTI’s and R32’s out there, these people love the shape the size and the performance. Give us more Hatchbacks!

There’s no shock here as to what this award is about – heck, I spent $60,000 on this car so it simply has to be an award winner, otherwise why did I buy it?

For context, I think there are three “hatchbacks” in this space, the MG4 which is new, and many might class otherwise, the BYD Dolphin which is very new and fresh and was a strong contender for this award.

But for me, the Cupra Born is not just stunning, but it’s ride, handling, range and the fit and finish make it the complete package.

Yes, there are some things you might niggle with, but all of them are nothing in the drive and ownership of the car.

I sought no input on this one, because I’m so in love with this car, the EFTM BEST Award for 2023’s BEST ELECTRIC HATCH goes to the Cupra Born.