No the concept of Innovation is a broad stroke word just like AI is used all over the shop to make products or companies seem like they are pushing the boundaries.  But for us, Innovation is taking something to a new level.  It might be something new, but it might just be a new take on something we already use.

And that’s exactly what we think of Apple’s introduction of Tap to Pay with iPhone.

And before you send anonymous messages on social media, no, I don’t care that “you could do this on Android for years” – that’s not the innovation.

The innovation here is allowing small businesses, community groups or individuals running a business to not have to buy an adaptor for Square, or Zeller and many others.  iPhones are everywhere, so bringing this to iPhone is one thing, but Apple opening up that NFC chip is a big deal for the company and it makes on the go payment technology available to far more people, plus makes it possible for businesses with full Point of Sale systems to send staff out onto the floor to process payments when times are busy.

Great stuff, big for small business and individual sole traders.

Tap to Pay with iPhone is our EFTM BEST Award winner for 2023 as BEST INNOVATION