Work from Home, Work from Anywhere, the Pandemic created a whole new market for people wanting to have their optimal working setup in places not normally expected.

Bring your laptop to the kitchen table and setup because it’s a change of scene, or head down to the cafe.  You might simply be a regular traveller or work in the ultimate hot-desking situation where it’s a blank canvas no matter where you go.

Of course we have 16 inch Laptop, but for portability, you probably have something smaller – the problem that creates is the lack of screen real estate if you’re used to a big or perhaps multiple big screens!

To bring another monitor with you is out of the question, but Viewsonic, Mobile Pixels and many more have created lightweight portable monitors of many kinds.

We love the idea of the Mobile Pixels, swinging out a second screen from your laptop – but, I just wasn’t as much a fan of having to attach it to my laptop.  Probably a very personal thing given I change laptops so regularly for review, but – that’s the way I saw it.

Frankly, since the original, it’s been hard to go past the espresso Display, and this year the espresso 17 Pro took it to a whole new level.

Huge screen, 4K resolution, optimal connectivity and some software that could change the way you get work done.

Stunning design, still very portable – and while a touch pricey, well worth it for the regular traveller or anyone who wants for a second screen on-the-go.

The espresso 17 Pro is a clear winner in the 2023 EFTM BEST award for BEST PORTABLE SCREEN.