The Foxtel Group’s big future plans are getting closer to reality with the transition of Kayo and Binge customers to Hubbl from February 2024 while also revealing Hubbl Stack and Save bundle option.

Announced just two months ago, the new service called Hubbl will be hooked around an all-in-one streaming box and a physical TV which Foxtel will sell under the Hubbl and Hubbl Glass names.

We haven’t seen the box yet, but our one on one discussions with Foxtel Group CEO Patrick Delany indicate the service will centre as much on the one bill approach to subscription services as it will the physical devices and software.

An Interface built to surface all the best content for you from across streaming platforms.

While we wait for more info on that, and a launch date, Foxtel is getting it’s ducks in a row by advising Kayo and Binge customers that their corporate relationship with these streaming services is changing from Streammotion to Hubbl and will be a key part of their upcoming Hubbl Stack and Save offering.

The Hubbl box which will feature all streaming service and offer discounts through Hubbl Stack and Save in 2024

Most people’s only interaction with “Streammotion” has likely been on the login page, or when connecting a new device or TV, however, the Hubbl name will be far more prominent going forward we think.

While it may simply be a legal requirement to advice Kayo and Binge customers of a change to their billing details and Terms and Conditions – it does help us learn a little more about just what Hubbl has planned.

Stack and Save – the future of streaming

Key to the future offering from Hubbl will be to get people to sign up to more streaming services, or migrate their existing accounts to Hubbl for a simplification of billing – but also through discounting.

EFTM can reveal that Foxtel’s Hubbl will call this “Stack and Save”, in a similar vein to how Optus’ SubHub allows you to get some discounts the more streaming services you have.

At the moment, for example, Optus offers customers on SubHub the chance to “bring three or more eligible services together to save up to 10% off the lot, every month.”

A 10% discount on any of your streaming is a good thing, so when Hubbl launches in the market we expect many more competitive offers to not just sign up customers, but also compete with Optus in the market.

Hubbl will market this as “Stack and Save” allowing you to stack more and more services, and save more and more as you do. Hubbl describe this as a credit, saying “Depending on the number of Stack and Save Apps you subscribe to, you may be eligible for a credit (Stack and Save Credit).”

No word yet on just when Hubbl will launch as a billing aggregator, or as a physical product – but watch this space.