I’ve said for years on the radio, TV and the EFTM Podcast that one of the easiest ways to save money is to find a Better Deal on your mobile plan, so every month I’m going to check out as many deals as I can to ensure you know which are the best mobile plans, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for prepaid or postpaid, there’s plenty of great deals out there. If you’re looking for the best mobile plans in australia, we’ve got you covered with an honest set of options for the best mobile phone plans

For many people the key to any possible change is their passion or probably loyalty to a network. You love the Telstra Network, or you’re happy with the Vodafone network – whatever it is.

It’s important to know that there are only three networks, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – so any other mobile deal you see is a marketing company or a small telco looking to offer you a specific style of deal and they will be using one of those three networks.

Before we start: We don’t clip the ticket

We’re not earning a cent by recommending any of these companies or specific offers as being the best mobile phone plans. I wanted to point this out because the very purpose of these kinds of articles on most websites is to not just give you some ideas about finding a the best mobile phone plans, but to also make money.

It’s called Affiliate revenue, or Affiliate marketing – You’ll see this disclosed as “featured partners” or in an “advertiser disclosure”, or just outright a notice about “Comission”

Image of a group of people around a table showing them all on their mobile phones searching for the best mobile phone plans

And good on them! At EFTM though, we have regular ongoing advertisers across the site and we have other forms of revenue so we don’t need to clip the ticket on your next mobile deal.

So, everything you read here is just based on what we see online, advertised or sent to us by these companies.

For absolute clarification, Vodafone is a regular advertiser here at EFTM, and Boost has been a partner in the past. Our deal with them has nothing to do with what we recommend or why. They simply have banners on our pages – heck they might appear here – but again, full disclosure, the ads that appear are 100% random.

With that said, let’s dig up the best mobile plans in Australia!

Your best chance to save

When you’re in the market for the best mobile plans in Australia there’s really no doubt that you need to get off any contract you might be on, and you need to own your phone outright.

Of course, that’s not an overnight thing for most people. So if that’s you, what you need to do is make a plan right now to get that phone owned!

When you own your phone, you can take your SIM card out any day you like, put another one and get the benefits of that better deal.

The raw honest situation is that you could be paying $39 one month, and then see a great deal – get a SIM card, sign up online and be activated all within the hour on a plan that is maybe $10 less. This is the way you save money. You drop your loyalty to whoever you are with, and you switch to the company that offers you the best deal.

Switching telcos to get the best mobile plan is easy!

Let me be very very clear. When you switch telcos, there’s a few things to know.

  • You get to keep your current phone number.
  • Switching takes less than an hour, in fact it’s often 10 mins
  • You do not need to be locked into any contract
  • It’s actually possible to change telcos every month if you want!

Seriously, there’s money to be saved here, but so often we are too lazy to even try.

So, let’s find you the best mobile plans!

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Oh one last thing, before we get into this month’s best mobile plans in Australia, you have two options. Prepaid and Postpaid. In reality these days they are known as SIM ONLY plans for postpaid and then prepaid, and frankly, you may as well just go prepaid.

Prepaid is exactly what it says, you pre-pay for the plan – 28 or 30 days of mobile access, after which you have to then “charge” it up after that period of time, and if you don’t – your mobile stops working.

Recharging is easy, but for some of us, it’s just better for the Telco to have my credit card details and just bill me every month for my plan.

BUT – remember, if you let the telcos bill you, its very easy to be complacent, and just never look for a better deal. Be better!

Photo of a person searching on their laptop for the best prepaid mobile plans showing 2024 date and their mobile phone

In reality, we’re going to call everything postpaid here, because when we look at it, most of them require you to setup auto-billing or auto-recharge. So while you might be looking for the best prepaid mobile plans, in reality, it’s you switching telcos again that breaks you away from your current plan.

Best postpaid mobile plans

Here’s our pick of the best mobile plans in Australia. We’re not paid to refer these to you, nor have we looked at every single telco deal available – if you see a better deal – let us know!

TPG Mobile (Vodafone Network)

There are two cracking plans for people who switch to TPG – $10 a month for 12GB of data, or $12.50 per month for 25GB of data. Now these are postpaid in that TPG keeps your details on file and bill you every month. But, there’s no contract, you can cancel after just one month. The “deal” is for the first six months you stick with them, after that the prices prices change to $20 and $25 per month.

These are a great example of how switching to a new telco can be a big saving. $12.50 for 25GB of data? That’s crazy good value!

Kogan Mobile (Vodafone Network)

If you’re looking for a huge amount of data, good luck finding something better than Kogan’s 80GB of data for $40! It even includes data rollover so you can accumulate some of that data up to 200GB in total.

Catch Connect (Optus Network)

Catch has a deal on their 30GB plan – priced at just $10 – but you have to sign up by 9th January. It’s a stack of data for a ridiculous price!

Amaysim (Optus Network)

For a decent bit of data on the Optus Network, look at Amaysim’s $15 deal until January 10th. 60GB of data! After the first renewal you’ll pay $30, but get the full 60GB including bonus for three months. If you stay on this without switching it will revert to $30 for 32GB.

Superloop (Telstra Network)

Telco Superloop has a couple of decent short-term plans on the Telstra network, the cheapest is $20 for 30 days including 10GB of data.

There’s real value on their $30 plan, offering double data for the first three months – so you get a total of 60GB per month for three 30 day recharges in a row. Again, these are technically prepaid, but have to have auto-recharge setup. So you need to cancel or switch away to stop the recharge.

Aldi Mobile (Telstra Network)

One of the most accessible SIM plans, just grab a SIM card at your local Aldi.

$19 gets you 10GB of data on the Telstra Network, or for supreme value, look at the $29 plan which offers 50GB of data for the first three recharges. Aldi also has data banking so you can keep your unused data

Best prepaid mobile plans (long-term)

When looking at the best prepaid mobile plans, you might see options for 12 month, or 365 day plans. These are where the real value exists in the market.

To be frank, the best mobile phone plans are ones that you feel satisfied you have the perfect balance between having the best deal, and having the coverage you want.

So we don’t recommend these long term plans first up. Better that you try a telco out for one to three months first, then switch to a long expiry plan to really get the value.

Kogan Mobile (Vodafone Network)

You will struggle to find a better value deal anywhere in the market for mobile than Kogan’s long expiry plans which are probably the best mobile phone plans we can find.

From $100 for 12 months including 120GB of data, up to just $180 for 12 months and 500GB of data – this is for many people their 2-3 months of mobile expense now spread out and covering them for a full 12 months. Get smart with your money, and go long-term with Kogan.

Catch Connect (Optus Network)

$99 for 365 days and 60GB of data, available until 9th January only, or up to 200GB of data for just $150 – Again covering 365 days.

Amaysim (Optus Network)

You’re dealing direct with Optus owned Amaysim here, so the best deal is $240 for 200GB of data over 12 months.

Boost Mobile (Full Telstra Network)

I hear it time and time again “I travel a lot, so I need to be on the Telstra Network” – total BS, because you’ve never bothered to try any other carrier or company, but let’s park that for now and assume it’s true – you do need to be on the Telstra Network. When it comes to Telstra access, for the best prepaid mobile plans you really have to be with Boost.

Boost Mobile is the only option there for my mind, offering 170GB of data and network access for 12 months, for just $230 – up to 365GB of data, yep 1GB a day, for $320!

Certainly not the cheapest of all the best mobile plans Australia, but for what they offer, outstanding value.

Other plan comparison sites

For comparison, we recommend the team at WhistleOut, they have all the plans, all the deals, but just note they do earn affiliate income from the links you click there. We do not publish those links directly here at EFTM.

Let’s find you a better mobile deal!

Every week on the EFTM Podcast, I talk to readers and listeners about their monthly mobile and nbn costs. Some people are stuck on old deals and haven’t switched for years. In most cases they could each save huge money. For just one person that is normally $120+ per year, for couples or families there are hundreds and hundreds to save.

So, if you’re sick of looking yourself, or have questions about the process of switching or just how to find the best mobile plans for your – then get in touch! Ask Trev today and you might be on the Podcast next week!