It used to be that the OzTam TV ratings were the best measure of what we watched year on year on our TVs at home, but times have well and truely changed and today we can turn to JustWatch to get a sense of what people have been watching in 2023.

Just Watch is the site you go to when you know what you want to watch, but don’t know where to find it – think of it like the modern TV guide.

Search for a Movie (Let’s say – Crocodile Dundee – this week’s episode of “The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen”) and Just Watch will tell you which Streaming services it’s available to watch on (Hint: Stan).

Thanks to the amount of searching we do, Just Watch can compile regular lists of what we’re watching week to week, and today they’ve released a list of what we watched across the whole year and that also helps us get a glimse of which streaming services are not just popular, but secured the best content in the year.

When it comes to TV shows, Binge featured well with two of the top three, The Last of Us and Succession. Apple TV+ original Ted Lasso was the number 2.

It’s fascinating to think that the biggest streaming services in Australia (Netflix, Stan, Prime Video and Disney+) don’t even feature in the top three. According to JustWatch Netflix dominates the TV show charts in several other countries.

Switching to movies and the Streaming charts are fascinating. At the cinema the box office hits were Barbie, Super Mario, Avatar, Oppenheimer and Guardians of the Galaxy.

That list is pretty well reflected in the streaming charts, except for the lack of Barbie and Oppenheimer due to their streaming release dates.

For Movies, it’s testament to the production slate of Disney and the studio deals that Binge has via Foxtel that pushes their streaming dominance into the charts.

So if you’re a movie buff, looks like Disney+, Binge and Amazon Prime video are the top choices for streaming platforms.