Luxnine is a company that we haven’t heard too much about in Australia but they are well placed in the mattress industry. This year at CES they have unveiled a wearable Bodylog chest patch able to offer real-time vital sign monitoring while simultaneously acting as a fall and emergency detection system.

The wearable chest patch not only detects falls and emergencies but also provides a post-incident report, assessing the severity of the incident and analysing heart rate variability (HRV).

The Bodylog is able to monitor heart activity, autonomic nervous system (ANS), oxygen saturation, temperature, respiratory rate, and various other measurements. It really is a product designed to give some peace of mind for our older relatives that still want the autonomy and living alone but with the knowledge that their health is being monitored as well. 

The Bodylog goes beyond tracking the user’s health, it offers proactive lifestyle recommendations too. Identifying posture and even emulates a controlled medical environment by linking measurements with posture status. 

No word on Australian availability just yet but it’s encouraging seeing what products are out there to help us remain at home as we age.

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