At CES2024, the abundance of dashcam companies and the rapid innovation in the industry have been truly astonishing in my return to CES post-Covid. Dashcams have evolved beyond just simple recording devices, now featuring 360-degree vision, artificial intelligence, 4G connectivity, and incident detection. Let’s have a look at some of the standout options from CES 2024.


Blackvue, a well known dashcam company, has expanded its 4K lineup with the introduction of the Blackview One Package. This comprehensive package includes Blackvue’s top-of-the-line 4G capable dual-channel dash cam, a year of premium cloud service, and a monthly data plan. While the availability in Australia is yet to be confirmed, the Blackview DR970X-2CH LTE Plus steals the spotlight. With features like remote monitoring, live event uploads for detected incidents, and Parking Mode monitoring, this dashcam should be on your shortlist.


The Nextbase 622GW is a top-tier dash cam on display at CES 2024. Boasting 4K/30fps resolution, this feature-rich device delivers crisp definition and outstanding detail. Advanced algorithms for low light and poor weather conditions enhance performance in sub-standard conditions. Its large display and intuitive interface ensure a frustration-fee day-to-day operation, while compatibility with various other cameras makes it an all-encompassing system.

Razo Carmate

Building on their previous release with the Carmate d’Action 360, Razo introduces the Carmate DC2000RA at CES2024. This new dash cam is utilising the Sony STARVIS CMOS image sensors to clearly record through window tint. The standout feature is the artificial intelligence, detecting fast-approaching vehicles from behind and alerting the driver – a valuable addition for enhanced safety.


For those seeking a discreet yet feature-packed option, Garmin offers the Dash Cam Mini. Despite its affordable price, compact size, comparable to a car key, it doesn’t compromise on HD video recording quality. The quick and easy installation, together with a g-sensor for automatic incident recording, makes it an attractive choice for users not needing all the bells and whistles.

CES 2024 showcases a diverse array of dash cams catering to different needs and preferences. As the dash cam market evolves, these devices continue to offer advanced features that many people might not have been aware of. Whatever feature you prioritise, there is a dashcam solution for everyone.

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