Alongside the new software features for Pixel phones, which includes Circle to Search, Magic Compose and the new Quick Share update, the latest Google Pixel Drop this month also includes a new colour announcement for the Pixel 8 Pro 

The Pixel Drop includes a number of new features that were launched alongside the new Galaxy S24 line last week, including Circle to Search, Magic Compose and the new Quick Share feature which replaces the Nearby Share feature launched a few years ago.

Circle to Search is an awesome new feature which was shown off at the Galaxy S24 launch. The feature allows you to press and hold the home button which launches a filter that scans your display, then you simply circle anything on the screen you want to know more about and Google AI powered search does the rest. 

Magic Compose

The new Magic Compose feature from the S24 announcement will also be coming to Pixel phones, letting you use the new Google Gemini Nano AI model on the phone help you send your next text.

The feature will use AI to rewrite a message in different styles making it more professional, more concise or even in the style of Shakespeare if you need it. You can see the different options, select your favourite and off it goes. 


Google is also rolling out the Photomoji feature that lets you create custom reactions out of the main subject in a photo. Long-press on a message and tap the “Create” button.on the right to start the process. You then select an image to create a Photomoji from and Google does the rest. 

The Photomoji will be saved in a special tab in Messages and your friends will be able to use them in Group Chats you send them in.

Quick Share

The announcement of Quick Share was made during CES and will begin rolling out as part of the latest Pixel Drop.

The previously named Nearby Share will merge with Samsung’s Quick Share feature, with the result a nifty feature which lets you share pictures, files and text between Android devices, Chrome OS and Windows devices.

Pixel Buds Pro Audio Switch

Google is also bringing a Pixel Drop to their Pixel Bud Pro, letting you quickly switch audio between devices. 

Audio Switch will let you pair your Pixel Buds Pro to multiple devices like your tablet, phone and watch and then quickly switch between them. You’ll see notifications on switching on your devices screen to make it even easier. 

Pixel 8 Pro Temperature

A feature launching for the Pixel 8 Pro in the US-only is the ability to use the temperature sensor on the phone to take your temperature. 

The feature has only been approved by the US-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so will not be launched here in Australia at the moment. There’s currently no listing for Pixel or Google on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, so we’ll have to wait for further word if it will arrive down under.

The January Pixel Drop will begin rolling out over the next few weeks, with some features launching today. To check for the latest update on your Pixel phone, go to Settings > System > System Update to check.

Mint Pixel 8 Pro

What is available today is the new Mint coloured Pixel 8 Pro which is available on the Google Store now.

Launching with the same $1,699 price tag as the other Pixel 8 Pro models, the new Mint coloured Pixel 8 Pro joins the Obsidian (Black), Porcelain (White) and Bay (Blue) coloured options already available, adding a ‘fresh’ option for those wanting a new Pixel 8 Pro.

The only downside to the new Mint colourway is that it’s limited to only 128GB of storage – with the other three colour options able to be ordered with up to 512GB of onboard storage. 

Google is only bringing the Mint colourway for the Pixel 8 Pro to Australia, though in the US and Canada the Pixel 8 is also being offered in Mint. 

If you already have a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro, and still want to experience the new Mint experience you can simply buy the Mint coloured case for them for $54.99.

The new Mint coloured Pixel 8 Pro appears to be a Google Store exclusive, so if you’ve been watching the Australian Open and tempted with the adverts, you can check it out over there now.