Shots fired! When you first get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ you’ll think to yourself wait, is this similar to something else? Yet when you get to use it and dig into the capabilities you’ll realise it’s leaps ahead. While the Galaxy S24 shares similarities to the iPhone, it’s leaps ahead when it comes to software capabilities.

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup looks in Australia with prices from $1,399.

Samsung Galaxy S24Samsung Galaxy S24+Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
6.2 Inch QHD+ AMOLED Display6.7 Inch QHD+ AMOLED Display6.8 Inch QHD+ AMOLED Display
1-120Hz Refresh Rate1-120Hz Refresh Rate1-120Hz Refresh Rate
12MP Ultra Wide, 50MP WIde, 10MP Telephoto 3x Optical12MP Ultra Wide, 50MP WIde, 10MP Telephoto 3x Optical12MP Ultra Wide, 200MP Wide, 50MP Telephoto 5x Optical, 10MP 3x Optical
167 grams196grams232grams
Starting at $1,399Starting at $1,699Starting at $2,199

While Samsung won’t love the reference to the remarkably similar design of the two entry S24 models to the iPhone 12, 13, 14 and 15 – I for one welcome a simple singular design for smartphones and make the race all about capabilities.

And in that race, Samsung now has a strong, in fact exceptional lead.

How? Software.

Apple’s iOS is an exceptional Operating System, and in many ways the choice of the two. But what Samsung has done this year, it seems to me, is to take a leaf out of Google’s book which showed that Google didn’t need to hype up their camera hardware, they just needed to find ways to sell what it was capable of after the photos were taken.

Add to that a strong emphasis on the keyword of the year – Artificial Intelligence – but not just by name, genuine AI advances.

Let me give you some examples of what Samsung call Galaxy AI.

Samsung Galaxy AI Live Translate

You’re in Korea. Keen to make a restaurant booking. Your knowledge of the Korean language – zero.

Make the call, launch Call Assist and touch Live Translate.

When you speak, the person at the other end who likely doesn’t understand English, will hear that the call is being transcribed live, then they will hear your “Hello” in Korean.

Restaurant asks “what time would you like to book” in Korean, but you hear that in English.

There’s a very slight delay, but it works. I’ve tested it in real-time with a real person speaking Korean.

Brilliant idea, and I’m sure very version 1, but still – bring it on.

Chat Assist on the Samsung Galaxy S24

Angry at your boss? Keen to send a message “I’ve had enough of these long hours, I quit!” but then realise maybe not? Tap on Chat Assist and choose Writing Style.

Quickly you’ll be presented with options like “Professional: I regret to inform you that I have reached my limit and must tender my resignation due to the excessive workload and extended working hours”

It’s very cool, and probably one of the most useful AI features of the Galaxy S24

Note Assist / Transcript Assist with your Galaxy S24

Likewise, true AI here with Note Assist. You type loads of notes in a meeting, Galaxy Note Assist will generate summaries for you in pre-made formats.

If you can record your meeting, Transcript Assist will transcribe, summarise and even translate recordings into selected languages.

Simple Circle to Search on the S24

This one will be the one you show your mates. Especially those on iPhone.

Looking at photos of someone eating Waffles on Instagram?

Press and hold the home button and the screen will shine with a filter over it all, then touch and circle that waffle.

Immediately a Google Search will happen and you’ll see what it is, and where to get it.

Works with food, fruit, places, people you name it. It’s basically a Google reverse Image search using Google Lens.

What about the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S24?

Of course, the cameras are improved too. They just aren’t the headline change.

On the S24 Ultra a Quad camera system features 5x Optical Zoom, and using the 50MP camera enables 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x magnification using the Adaptive Pixel Sensor. And the enhanced Digital Zoom up to 100x is still there.

But it’s after the photo is taken that it shines. Using new Galaxy AI editing tools you can see edit suggestions to tweak photos, or use Generative Edit to fill parts of the background with generative AI.

Amazing that these things were headlines for Google on the Pixel, but are now down the list of features in the age of AI.

Australian’s love a premium smartphone

Aussie’s love a premium device, even in a “cost of living crisis” – that’s how Eric Chou, Director Mobile eXperience, Samsung Electronics Australia sees it “The Galaxy S24 series transforms our connection with the world and ignites the next decade of mobile innovation. We are excited to bring these latest innovations to Australia and see how our users around the world empower their everyday lives with Galaxy AI to open up new possibilities.” 

“Samsung has always been a leader in the mobile category. We have redefined the expectations of what mobile devices can do and how people use their smartphones. From innovating how Australians use a smartphone camera, to developing new ways of communication, the Galaxy S24 Series will continue to push the boundary of what is possible from a mobile device.” 

“We are seeing a shift in the mobile tech market. While there has been a reduction in discretionary spending, there is a clear demand for premium devices. We know that Australians are seeking out premium, personalised experiences, and want mobile devices that will complement their busy lifestyles, offering the latest in camera technology, productivity, connectivity.” 

“The Galaxy S24 series directly addresses our customers’ need for premium devices that are powered by Samsung’s cutting-edge technology and provide features that make productivity and everyday tasks easier. We can’t wait to get these devices in the hands of Australians for a connected experience that inspires them to be creative and express themselves.” 

Deals for Days on the Samsung Galaxy S24

Here’s the lineup of devices, colours and storage capacities across the Galaxy S24 range:

Device RRP Colours Online Exclusive Colours 
S24 $1,399 (256 GB) 
$1,599 (512GB) 
Onyx Black 
Marble Grey 
Cobalt Violet 
Amber Yellow 
Sapphire Blue 
Jade Green 
Sandstone Orange 
S24+ $1,699 (256GB) 
$1,899 (512GB) 
Onyx Black 
Marble Grey 
Cobalt Violet 
Amber Yellow 
Sapphire Blue 
Jade Green 
Sandstone Orange 
S24 Ultra $2,199 (256GB) 
$2,399 (512GB) 
$2,799 (1TB) 
Titanium Grey 
Titanium Black 
Titanium Violet 
Titanium Yellow 
Titanium Blue 
Titanium Green 
Titanium Orange 

Those are just the starting prices.

There are cracking deals available across the major Telcos and Retailers, where either Samsung Devices, or Discounts or Trade-in bonuses are widespread and make now a great time to buy!

Retailer or Telco Free memory upgrade (up to $400) 
Bonus trade-in (up to $350) 
Up to $150 eVoucher to spend on Galaxy Watches, Tablets, Buds & Accessories ($150 for Ultra, $100 Base/+)
Bonus Samsung Care+ (1 year)  • 50% off Samsung Care+ (2nd year)
Plus, receive a further 5% discount off your first Samsung Shop App purchase
Telstra Bonus Tab S9 FE with the purchase of any Galaxy S24 series device (Valued at $949) 
$20 off Premium Plan for 12 months 
Optus Bonus Galaxy Watch 6 and Buds2 Pro with the purchase of any Galaxy S24 series device 
Vodafone Trade-in Bonus: $400 across three device models 
Galaxy S24 (all storage variants): $200 off 
Galaxy S24+ (all storage variants): $250 off 
Galaxy S24 Ultra (all storage variants): $300 off 
Open (Marketwide) 
available to outright customers only 
Galaxy S24 Ultra: $150 Gift Card & storage upgrade (buy the 512GB for the price of the 256GB or buy the 1TB for the price of 512GB) 
Galaxy S24+: $100 Gift Card & storage upgrade (buy the 512GB for the price of the 256GB) 
Galaxy S24: $100 Gift Card & storage upgrade (buy the 512GB for the price of the 256GB) 

JB Hi-Fi 
Galaxy S24: Trade-In $350 or BYO $0 upfront on the $99 plan 
Galaxy S24+ Trade-In $350 or BYO $300 upfront on the $99 plan 
Galaxy S24 Ultra: Trade-In $350 or BYO $800 upfront on $99 plan 

Harvey Norman 
Galaxy S24: BYO $0 upfront on the $69 plan 
Galaxy S24+: BYO $299 upfront on the $69 plan 
Galaxy S24 Ultra: BYO $799 upfront on the $69 plan 

Pre-orders start today, devices go on sale on February 7th, though we suspect as always Samsung will overdeliver with devices shipping before then.