Samsung has announced that their will be unveiling their new vacuum cleaner lineup complete with advanced AI.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is a vacuum and mop robot cleaner now not only has enhanced AI features for vacuuming and mopping but now also steam cleaning making cleaning a lot easier for users.

It arrives with upgraded AI Object Recognition, upgraded from the Jet Bot AI+, now able to recognise more objects and an increase in the precision of the driving thanks to a new 3D sensor.

The new AI Object Recognition can now also recognise stains to provide a more thorough clean of areas as required. It can also distinguish between hard wood and carpeted floors and alters the suction power based on the flooring to give a deep clean of the carpets.

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo arrives with a clean station which not only empties the vacuum but also washes, steam cleans and drys the mopping pads.

At this stage Australian pricing and availability are unknown but are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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