The Polestar 2 is a cracking good EV, but today, the sleek coupe stylings of the all-new Polestar 4 become a reality for anyone willing to dig deep in Australia with sales commencing for the new model here and in Europe.

Production commences in the middle of the year, with deliveries expected from August for those with the $81,500 or more to spend on this very stylish looking EV.

It’s a vehicle that looks more like a concept car than many of the concept cars we’ve seen with a very angular and low design, plus, there’s literally no rear window.

The car relies entirely on a digital mirror and camera for it’s rear view.

For the number narks, there is a Polestar 3, I’ve seen it only recently at CES, but while the number jumps up, the Polestar 4 sits in between the 2 and 3 in both price and size. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath says “The introduction of Polestar 4 into all our markets through the course of 2024 is key to our success, adding this third model to our line-up. Polestar 4 tackles the premium performance class in the D-SUV segment. Polestar 4’s innovative interpretation of an SUV coupé offers great interior space and a stunning appearance,”

Frameless windows, rear aero blades, glass that’s flush with the bodywork, retractable door handles and that low pointed nose – all designed for maximum aero efficiency.

Strangely, despite being no rear window, the roof glass stretches back behind the rear-seat occupants.

Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar, says “With Polestar Precept we previewed a stunning new occupant experience by removing the rear window and pushing the rear header, which plays an integral safety role, further back. This means that now, rear occupants can have a unique experience in our SUV coupé.”

And yes, it’s fast. The Fastest Polestar Production car to date – with 0-100 at 3.8 seconds.

There are a single and dual-motor long range option available, with the dual motor offering a 580km range, and the single motor an impressive 610km.

Polestar are sticking with Android’s Automotive OS with a cracking good 15.4 inch landscape oriented Screen, along with a 12 channel speaker option and of course, Wireless Apple CarPlay.

The Polestar 4 is far more than an Uber, this will be the pride of the driveway for owners.

Polestar 4Indicative pricing incl. GST[1]
Long range Single motorAUD $81,500
Long range Dual motorAUD $93,050
Pilot PackIncluded
Plus PackAUD $8,000
Pro PackAUD $2,500
Performance Pack (dual-motor only)AUD $7,200