After years, literally years of talking about it, Boost Mobile finally has eSIM capabilities though their updated My Boost Mobile app which launched today.

Tapping into a now commonplace technology in modern smartphones, an eSIM means a user can literally sign up for a new mobile plan within the app or on the Boost website and activate that service without having to wait for a new SIM card to be delivered, or heading into the local servo to grab one.

The news comes though a cheeky little update to the My Boost Mobile app noticed by a keen eyed Matt in the Man Cave, and validated by checking out the app in the Apple App Store.

While Boost is far from being the first MVNO style Telco to offer eSIM (Kogan, Woolies, many others do), it’s a huge step forward for the company which has a youth brand focus and with the younger generation looking for savings and deals at every corner, you can expect this to be a great way to generate interest and customers for Boost.

It’s important to note, the eSIM capabilities launched here are just for phones, there is no access to Smartwatch style eSIM functions and features such as those offered by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone on Apple Watch.

From our testing, it also does not appear possible to switch to eSIM from a physical SIM within the new Boost app, and from our testing (thanks Rob!) the “Convert to eSIM” in iPhone settings does not yet work either, though we think this process goes a lot further than it used to – so this could be a matter of a short space of time!

We will update this post with comment from Boost Mobile when eSIM formally announced by the brand