I need you to look forward, I’m going to shine a light in your eyes don’t blink and don’t flinch – boom – you now forget everything I ever said to you about Apple AirTags and let me introduce you to the ultimate travel accessory, the Knog Scout Travel. This thing does it all. It’s a bag tag, tracker and alarm.

Now, let me be clear, I’m not throwing away my AirTags any time soon. Perfect for keyrings, and I’ve even got one concealed in my car:). But, for luggage, and your backpack – the Scout Travel is the king.

Why? Durability, and it’s rechargable.

Let’s look at the price of throwing an AirTag onto your Suitcase for your next trip. We need an AirTag, and an AirTag Holder:

You’re up for $78.95. Yes, you can buy multiple AirTags at a discount, and yes you can get cheaper luggage tags, but this metal loop style mimicks what I’m getting with the Scout Travel and makes it a secure fit on your bag.

The Knog Scout Travel will cost you closer to $100 – at $94.95. Over the course of 2-3 maybe 4 years, you’re going to replace the battery in that AirTag probably two , maybe three times. Now you’re getting close to cost parity.

But there’s more that the Scout Travel does, that an AirTag does not.

And I have to be honest, I was sceptical. When the founder of this company Knog rang me and told me they had a travel luggage tracker, I rolled my eyes and thought to myself – mate, AirTags are all anyone needs. I was wrong. So very wrong. Sorry Travis 🙂

Scout Travel is an AirTag at heart

Now, first and foremost it should be made clear, the Knog Scout Travel works with Apple’s Find My. So you can add it to your iPhone’s Find My app in the same way you do an AirTag.

And that means it has the same benefits as an AirTag – the entire Apple Global device ecosystem forms your search party when you are looking for a location update.

So like for like, the Apple FindMy features are spot on.

However, using the Knog Scout Travel App you have a couple of additional features that stand out to me.

Name Tagging your Scout Travel

When you fire up the app, you are able to name your tag, but also add some text to the tag, in the same way you would a physical hand written luggage tag.

On the side of your Scout Travel is a QR code, and thanks to the Pandemic – everyone knows how to use those!!

Someone can scan that code, and get whatever details you choose to display – like your phone number!

This is a big advantage in a busy airport where you might have accidentally left your bag behind, or if someone took the wrong bag from the carousel.

Made for Travel

The Knog Scout Travel comes with a wire loop (two lengths to choose from in the box) and the tools to attach it to your Scout Travel.

This means it’s much harder to remove from your bag, so is perfect for travel situations where the bag is getting moved around and beaten up a lot.

Bag Alarm

Something far greater in terms of personal bag safety, this tag has an alarm.

Enable the alarm in the App, and if your bag is moved, the alarm will sound.

I found this to be ideal in the Airport lounge, where often you’ll leave your bag while you head to the bathroom for example. Or it could be handy when you’re in accommodation, be it a hotel or AirBNB – alarm your bag when you’re out, so any intruder will be put right off taking your bag!

You can only disable the alarm with your app.

Brilliant stuff.

This thing is high quality construction, durable and the app works a treat for the few times you’ll need it – because primarily, you’ll use it as an AirTag replacement.

Run, Don’t walk to your browser window and get yourself a Knog Scout Travel now if you’re a regular backpack, laptop bag or luggage carrier!

Web: Knog