Aldi and ECOVACS often team up for sales on their robot vacuums with the devices so heavily discounted that stocks never last long. This one is set to be much of the same with the DEEBOT NEO once again on sale, at the same price.

Inflation? What inflation? The DEEBOT NEO was on an Aldi Special Buy sale in 2022 for $399 and now, two years later will once again be on sale for the same price next week on March 6.

We reviewed the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO back in 2022 and concluded that at its usual price of $799 it was good value but at its 50% off price of $399 it was “an absolute steal.”

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that mental health is important and spending quality time with family and friends can help a long way towards improving mental health. A robot vacuum helps make your housework faster and easier, giving you more leisure time.

“Robotic vacuum cleaners continue to be highly sought after by Australians keen to save time and reap the many other benefits of having robotics in their home. Our work with ALDI continues our mission to bring ‘Robotics For All’ by making innovative technology available at a great price, and is reinforced by the many passionate consumers that have shared with us the numerous ways that having a DEEBOT can positively impact their day-to-day lives in real and practical ways.” said Karen Powell, Regional Director, ECOVACS ANZ.

Be it pet hair that is constantly being shed, you may be mobility-restricted or just want to reclaim some quality time, a robot vacuum is the perfect tool for helping keep your home clean.

Not only vacuuming but the DEEBOT NEO also can mop at the same time as it vacuums offering al all over home clean.

For more information on the DEEBOT NEO check out our review and if you are interested hurry into Aldi on March 6 and grab one of these amainzg robot vacuums for $399.