Air purifiers were always a very niche product but since the beginning of the pandemic we have all realised that air purifiers can not only keep us safer from disease but also improve the quality of the air we breathe resulting in a much healthier lifestyle.

The problem is that the air purifiers we have seen have always been big things but now XCD has launched a portable air purifier, small enough to take with you.  

The XCD Portable Air Purifier comes complete with HEPA H11 filter and is small enough to fit into the cup holder of your car, delivering purified air to you in your car.

With a built in rechargeable battery that provides up to four hours of battery life there is no need to provide power every time you use it.  At just 330 grams it allows you to easily take it with you to provide fresh, purified air to your personal space.

Other features include three different fan speeds, an air quality indicator to let you know if and when you need to use it, a power indicator and quiet operation it is the perfect companion for those seeking fresh air.

There are no ongoing accessory costs with the filter just needing a monthly wipe down rather than replacing making the initial outlay of $129 a good investment.

The XCD Portable Air Purifier is available now exclusively from JB Hi-Fi for RRP$129.