Author: Trevor Long

Intel – Simplifying the Choice

Intel have done a pretty darn good job over the last decade getting that ‘intel inside’ message out there, and because of that they are clearly one of the better known brands in the world. Problem is, today –...

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The power of the Twitter List

Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) has long been touted as the ‘King’ of Twitter, in fact by many the ‘King’ of the Internet, having established himself in the role of leader based on the staggering number of people who are ‘following’...

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Flipping Video – the Flip Mino HD

In 2006/2007 a product was launched in the US called the Flip Video (Originally called the Pure Digital Point and Shoot), and ever since then has been one of the best selling ‘camcorders’ online. This week, the Flip...

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Radio 2GB Sydney today announced the addition of a Technology show, “Your Tech Life” to its weekday line-up at 7pm every Thursday Evening.

Hosted by Trevor Long, Your Tech Life will provide live talk back help and guidance to Sydney consumers as well as featuring news, information and reviews of the latest Technology and Gadgets.

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Blackberry Device Launch: Friday

The good folk at Blackberry have an announcement pending on Friday at their North Sydney HQ – Celebrity Blackberry user Will.I.Am will be the special guest to launch the device. No word yet on which device it is. Given the...

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Night Photography – Digital SLR

Tonight I tried my hand at some Night photography, full manual mode on my Canon 450D Digital SLR. I learned a lot from some simple online reading, basically, play with shutter and aperture and get it right Here’s some pics...

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