Thanks to everyone who listened, and to all the callers.


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Show Notes 007

Quick Comp

I placed an item in the studio, and asked people to look at the Webcam at to guess what it was…

Caller: Michael

Looking to buy a GPS unit for his car, keen on my personal opinion.

Personally, I own a Navman – a very basic version, and its fantastic.

There are plenty available, all very reasonable in price with touch screens, recommendations etc. Anything from $175 up to $373 at just one retailer.

Consider the cost of upgrading the maps – you don’t want to have to pay loads every year for the latest maps.

Navman have an offer of 3 years free upgrades, which is a very good deal.

Personal choice in the end, but remember, simple is best a lot of the time.

Caller: Justin

Has a Blackberry – considering an iPhone.

Not completely sure it will work ok with Outlook and Exchange.

The Blackberry is best for this for sure, however the latest iPhones will all work with Exchange, I haven’t done it myself – but it can be done.

Recommend you speak with an Apple Genius about what your setup is in terms of servers etc.


It was in fact a SANYO Clock Radio with iPod dock – $149 RRP.

@tontenn was the first twitterer – Emailers Karen and Maddie also had the right answer, so All three win a Sanyo Clock Radio with iPod Dock.

Commercial: Dial-A-Tech – 1300 669 202 – for all your computer support needs.

Caller: Sean

Sean has an iPod that is out of warranty, and it needs a new battery. Sean feels the Apple store people are only interested in items under warranty.

Its now not lasting as long as it used to, so wants to have it replaced.

Tony called – recommended Battery World

Peter Called – iPod for you at Quakers Hill.

Caller: Jack

Jack is 82, and is a member of his Strata and on the Committee. However the Committee communicate and make decisions on email and fax, which Jack doesn’t have.

Jack has no computer, and wants to consider it.

I suggest Jack contacts his local Australia Seniors Computer club.

I contacted Jack after the show and put him in touch with the President of his local club in Parramatta.

Here’s hoping Jack gets online soon!

Discussion: WD TV LIVE

Fantastic little unit, connects to your TV ($199 – but shop around!)

Great for viewing photos or videos from your home network on your TV, and also for YouTube videos or Flickr pics.

I’ll Write a full review very soon!

Caller Michael

Offering a Christmas Gift Idea – Portable Digital TV.

Michael is seeing the LASER Portable TV, I’ve reviewed this on the website, great unit, several types available.

A great Christmas Gift idea!

Update: Caller David

Called last week, re a Bigpond problem. Telstra are keen to help, but we don’t have David’s correct contact details. Please email me David.

Caller: Tony

Tony’s son wants an iPod touch. 8GB or 32GB??

Caller: John (21.30)

Has a Blackberry Bold, and can’t get it to ‘play correctly’ with his Nissan so his Address book and such synchronise ok.

We’ve had this before, and unfortunately couldn’t get a result.

I will put the people at Blackberry in touch with John to see if they can help, and John can then call back and let us all know how to fix it

Also, just a note, the new Blackberry Bold 9700 is out, smaller and a better camera – a great option… Won’t help this problem – but it’s great!

Caller: Alana

Alana called last week to find out about a Digital Radio for her Mother.

She purchased a PURE ONE Elite – loves it!

This week Alana wants to find out a good solution for her dad, who has been caught twice talking on his phone while driving! So, looking for a BlueTooth – changes car regularly, so something simple as a clip on – and must be loud.

I am not aware of any sound difference. However suggest Alana look at the Blue Ant – a good unit.. Easy to use.

Alana is so good to her Mum and Dad, I’m sending her a SANYO Clock Radio and iPod Doc, as well as a Family pack of Eneloop batteries. It’s Christmas after all!

Commercial: Dial-A-Tech

Offer for the first 5 Small Businesses to get in touch with Alan – they will get a free one hour consultation – 1300 669 202.

If you have any computer problems – Give Alan a call.

Radical Move.

I’m going away for the weekend – I’m going to leave my Blackberry at home. How will I cope! Will let you know next week!

Caller: Marie

Re Jacks call earlier, he should check out Centrelink – they have low cost computers available. Worth Checking out.

Caller: Jason

Looking for a Blu-Ray player – HD Tuner – Built in Hard Drive.

I found in the JB-HI FI catalogue one for $1491 – has all of the above, plus Blu Ray recorder. Worth checking that ou

Finally, I want anyone who is separated from their family this year over Christmas to email me with their story – we’d like to try and help you out!