It’s a difficult thing for lots of people to get used to the feel of the ‘in ear’ earphones that are all the rage these days.

Until recently, all headphones were the bud kind that sat in the part of your ear just outside the ear canal, and for most that was fine.  But the outside noise they let in made the experience less than satisfactory, and for many (me included) if you worked up some pace (jog/run) they would simply fall out.

I’ve reviewed other headphones before, the Logitech Ultimate Ears range are excellent, and the Sennheiser range you’ll see in many stores are top notch – but expensive.

So, what if there were a brand that offered the same or better quality, at a price that was much more affordable?

Read on for more, and a video look at the ENTIRE range of the new JAYS earphones, now available in Australia and New Zealand.

the JAYS range is varied – from $50 all the way up to $350.

a-JAYS are a flat cable (no more tangles!) range from $50 to $90, offering good Bass sound.

t-JAYS have a flattened side to them which means they don’t ‘poke’ out of your ear – which is handy when you are resting your head on a plane or a pillow, very little discomfort.  They offer a wider frequency range and higher sensitivity, and come in from $100 up to $140.

then there are the d-JAYS – $269.95 and they have in them a Micro Armature which gives you a stunning clear sound – highest sensitivity of the JAYS range, and come with all the kit (plane adaptor, stereo splitter, extension cord, travel bag)

Finally, the q-JAYS – perhaps the gift for the person who has everything but loves their music? at $350 this is the choice for people listening to a lot of good vocal sound, acoustic guitar, Jass and pop.

If you’re into Bass , and like RnB and Heavy Rock then you can stick with the  a-JAYS/t-JAYS.

I can highly recommend the JAYS range, from the a-JAYS ONE right up to the q-JAYS – for me, the t-JAYS are a great option for good sound, comfort and price.

If you’re reading this, and are on twitter, follow me @trevorlong – retweet my message about the JAYS video for your chance to WIN a set of t-JAYS TWO – $120 worth.  I’ll judge the winner early next week (Week of 19th) as the person most keen to win!

Here’s my video overview of the ENTIRE JAYS RANGE!

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