I’m starting to worry that the next ad campaign for Telstra will be voiced by the bloke from those ‘CRAZY’ retail chains, or the persian rug store guy.. Telstra have today announced a further reduction in broadband pricing.

In addition to new prices, there are now no longer any plans with excess data charges. All plans have a shaped speed after you hit your cap. However, hitting your cap has become harder with extra data now available on most plans.

Keep reading for plan details…

For example, I was on the $109 plan, getting 50 Gb of data. That price has just dropped $40 – no questions asked:)

BigPond Plans – 12 month with Telstra full service fixed phoneOld price per month1New price per month2
BigPond Turbo (2GB)$39.95$29.95
BigPond Elite (2GB)$49.95$39.95
BigPond Elite (50GB)$109.95$69.95
BigPond Elite (200GB)$179.95$89.95

If you are an existing Telstra customer, I recommend you call them on 13 22 00 to change your plan, or goto your My Account page to change.

I have some questions around the impact for people on the new bundles for T-Hub and T-Box, when I clarify those, I’ll update this post.