For those of us that love computer gaming, console gaming and the simulation of motor racing and driving games, the dream of driving the very cars we ‘play’ in the game is normally just that.  But today, for me, the dream became a reality.

At the launch of the new TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 – available from February 10 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC – I was able to get behind the wheel of – and unleash the potential (or some of) of some of the great cars.

A Ferrari 360, Porsche Boxster, Mercedes AMG SL55, Lotus Elise, Aston Martin Vantage, and a $600,000 Ferrari Californian.

So, what was it like – click continue reading for more!We ventured up in the early hours of the morning to “The Farm” – A private property on the NSW Central Coast which has on it, an amazing private road, which, just happens to link together in such a way that you could conceivably drive around it over and over again – and even more fittingly, it contains some amazingly challenging corners across it’s 5.1km length.  No, It’s not a race track! You wouldn’t be allow to just build a race track in your backyard!

We were accompanied at all time by some of the most skilled drivers you’ll ever meet.  My Guide for the day was the supremely talented racing driver Ian Dyk (Drove for the Australian team in the A1GP Series among other things), who literally talked me through every inch of the track.

I’ll join Damian Francis from T3 Magazine soon at to discuss our thoughts on the individual cars.

Until then, let me tell you this.  Driving these things is nothing, repeat nothing like driving them in a game.  All games do an amazing job at reflecting intricate differences in performance and handling between cars, but nothing can prepare you for the sheer power and performance of these machines.  Something to be respected.

I’ll give you a full review of Test Drive Unlimted 2 when it arrives, however, let me say that from a short time at the controller today, It looks great!  This is not about the best graphics, it’s not about racing performance or simulation – this is a life simulation, which allows you to enjoy real world large size maps in multi-player gaming, driving all throughout the maps, on road and off, undertaking challenges and short races, or, just cruising around.  I cannot wait to get a good look at it, using the Logitech G27 wheel on my PS3.

Anyone can enjoy these cars – for a price, they were all from Sports Car World Rentals in Sydney – you can enjoy them on drive days around various areas or at your leisure.  Unlikely you’ll find a piece of private road like we were able to, but – so be it:)

Here’s a bunch of photos from the day: