Nespresso continue to expand on their flavours in their range, some are limited edition and go away quicker than you’d like and some stay forever. The new addition is named the Envivo Lungo. Envivo is Italian for Live Long, the new blend is Arabica from India and a high proportion of Robusta coffee beans from Mexico.

Envivo Lungo

The Envivo Lungo has an intensity rating of 9, the most intense of the Lungo range. It would be easy to wonder with an Italian name, contents from India and Mexico – how is this exactly the Australian coffee?

Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, explained: “We know that Australians have a love for more intense coffees, and unlike Europeans, prefer their coffee with milk. This new Grand Cru satisfies this trend. By adding milk Envivo Lungo develops sweet, salted toffee notes for a deliciously rich and full-bodied start to the day.”

Envivo Lungo

To put this claim to the test we sat down for a breakfast with the new Envivo Lungo to see if regular Aussie Geoff would enjoy it. Nespresso were kind enough to match the coffee with a bowl of granola which would go perfect with this coffee.

Envivo Lungo Breakfast

We must say, the coffee was poured long, usually we prefer espresso sized coffee but we stuck to directions. The one oversight we had was the addition of milk, a long black was what would really enable us to taste the coffee without milk toning it down. The pairing was a good one, the granola and coffee was enjoyable together. We had the coffee without sugar and really enjoyed the flavour. It wasn’t a coffee overly modified with a particular flavour, it was balanced, calm and enjoyable. It is a coffee worth making long because you get more time to enjoy it. Our days are rushed enough, don’t rush this cup of morning coffee.

The Nespresso Envivo Lungo is available now and is NOT in limited quantities, welcome to the family.