Cider is making a big move to become a solid and respectable alternative to beer. If you’re having trouble deciding between apple or pear, try Monteith’s Crushed Apple & Pear Cider Blend. It’s perfect for the indecisive.

Monteith’s already does a Crushed Apple and Crushed Pear cider, so it hasn’t taken a genius to think of mixing the two. Where the cleverness comes in is the mixing to create a crip, clean taste that doesn’t just seems like someone stepped on a pear and an apple and then mixed the two. Monteith’s actually uses Nelson sun ripened pears and apples that are first crushed and then fermented and promises that no concentrates are used in the recipe.

Being that Monteith’s has been around since 1868, it’s no surprise that they have got the formula correct. The Crushed Apple & Pear Cider has a clean and smooth taste that lingers just long enough for your enjoyment but not long enough to start its own fermenting process on your taste buds. It’s not the lightest of ciders though, which we believe is a good thing – the kick may not be enough to wash down a steak dinner, but it would go well with even heavier white meat meals and certainly fish.

“There has been explosive growth within the cider category nationally,” says Brand Activation Manager of Monteith’s, Sam Creasey. “Both the Crushed Apple and Crushed Pear ciders have been popular with consumers, which is why we’re expanding the range further…”.

The Monteith’s Crushed Apple & Pear Cider is only available in 500ml single bottles to begin with, nationwide.

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