Quickflix now offering unlimited movie streaming for $15 a month

After announcing movie streaming services for Sony Bravia TVs and the PS3, Quickflix has finally launched its unlimited movie streaming service for the PC. Huzzah!

The service costs $15 a month and includes unlimited streams of all the movies on offer. We counted 198 films available on the site, which includes a lot of older films, which seems to indicate that not all studios are on board with the idea of unlimited streaming.

You’ll need a connection speed of at least 1Mbps to use the service properly, according to Quickflix. You’ll also need a pretty large download cap if you’re serious about watching movies on a PC, as no ISPs have currently announced any unmetered plans around the service.

That said, the movie catalogue will only grow in the future, so it’s just good news that we’ve finally got a service similar to Netflix after all these years of waiting.

Price: $15/month
Web: Quickflix

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