The popular Nintendo Switch console, released just weeks ago is now providing scammers with a new way to dupe consumers who are hoping to play Switch games on their PC or Mac.

If you can’t afford to stump up for a new console like the Nintendo Switch, the idea of downloading and playing the games on your own PC might seem quite appealing.

Sadly, it’s not possible.

Scammers have created an elaborate ruse tricking people into trying to download an emulator (software that allows you to run one operating system within another) for their PC.

It starts with a well made “user generated” YouTube clip.  The clip shows you how the emulator works, and once you see it you’ll be keen to get your hands on the emulator.

To get the emulator, you’ll need to get access to a site with the download file, and you’ll either be given a download that will then require a password, or require a password to access the download.

How do you get the password?  Easy!  Fill in this survey!

Oh that’s easy right?  No problem.

Nope, this is all about scamming you.  Scammers are earning money for every survey that they fill out via elaborate affiliate programs.

The issue is, once you fill in the survey, the scammers get some cash, and you get a bum steer – you’ll never see a working emulator, and even if you get a download, that’s going to have some Malware in it too.

Norton have this advice:

“If you’re looking to play emulated games on your personal computer, be wary of websites that ask you to fill out a survey to unlock content—that’s a big red flag that you’re being scammed. Do some additional research before you download and install any application on your computer. And if you really want to play games for the Nintendo Switch, consider buying one instead.”