From the guys (yes, guys) that brought you the Yes to Carrots brand, comes the Yes to Cucumbers facial cleanser – a small tube of awesome that every man should keep in his shower cubicle.

Yes to Cucumbers is a gentle daily cleanser that will leave your face feeling fresh and awake regardless of the amount of sleep you’ve had or the state of your facial hair. It’s specifically formulated to keep people with even sensitive skin happy and won’t dry out your face.

Made with cucumber, spirulina, aloe vera, green tea and Dead Sea (wtf? but it’s true) minerals, the first thing you will notice is it doesn’t foam. That’s a good thing as the foaming is a result of additional chemicals. Once applied you will smell the cucumbers. Wash it off and your face feels completely lifted of dirt and grime without the tingly after-feeling or scratchy, dry skin.

The cucumber is meant to contain vitamins that help sooth and soften the skin while keeping it feeling cool. Aloe vera has high levels of vitamin E that will keep your skin supple while the spirulina algae contains proteins, minerals and vitamin B that protect your skin against irritants. Finally, the green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties while the Dead Sea minerals naturally exfoliate the skin.

Whether a face wash is something you spend serious amounts of time choosing or is just something you throw in your trolley while at the supermarket, Yes to Cucumbers is well worth the trial. It’s available from Coles, David Jones and Priceline.

Price: $14.95
Web: Yes to Carrots