Bourbon has always been a favourite of men. Whether it’s bourbon and cola, on the rocks or the good old neat variety, it has always been warmly welcomed by the hands of men. One of the great bourbon producers, Maker’s Mark is now letting you get a little closer to your bourbon. And it’s free!

Maker’s Mark is giving bourbon fans a chance to sign up as an Ambassador for the brand. It sounds like it could be a painful process, but get past the name and it turns out it’s nothing of the sort. Rather, it’s just like signing up for an email newsletter. Every now and then Maker’s Mark will throw you some info on upcoming bourbons and new products they are producing.

That all sounds fairly standard, but here is the cool thing. It will then engrave your name on one of its barrels of bourbon. You will receive email updates on how your barrel is aging and the processes that it’s going through. At the end of the process you will also get first dibs on purchasing a bottle from your barrel.

Sure, it’s a trivial thing, but a pretty cool trivial thing that’s free (unless you purchase a bottle from your barrel). For men who really love their bourbon, especially Maker’s Mark, it is a great cherry on top of the Christmas presents that will probably include a bottle of bourbon anyway.

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