Shane Warne has taken to Twitter to vent his rage at a cyclist’s behaviour. He’s said a few stupid things at times, done some even stupider things even, but does the Aussie spin legend have a point?

Warnie complained on Twitter, and then to police, about a cyclist that hitched a ride on his car for two minutes, then overtook him, bashed on his bonnet and started abusing him. Warnie isn’t alone in his vocal outrage against cyclists, with the issue of road etiquette becoming big in light of the increased cycle paths in Sydney. But just as motorists complain about cyclists, cyclists complain about motorists, and it’s often the five per cent of people that do wrong who give the rest of us a bad reputation.

Warnie brings up a good point though by saying cyclists should be road registered, putting an end to their ability to hide from their actions through anonymity. Without putting a spin on who’s right and who’s wrong in a cyclist versus motorist mega match, perhaps it is time to get cyclists using the road to be road registered? It could be a free service but something that is required before they use the road.

If you’re strongly for or against it, let us know in the comment box below.

Update: Since we published, the cyclist has come forward saying that Warne was driving erratically and actually hit his bicycle, causing damage. Here are a few of your comments from our Facebook fan page as well. Keep them coming.

  • Jim HendersonIn a word “YES” they should. As a long distance truck driver I see and hear many terrible things on our roads. Truck drivers as a whole cop a lot of bad press and abuse due to the actions of a minority of “cowboy” operators, but likewise many bike riders I witness on both city and open roads are well behaved and courteous but they also have there share of “cowboys”. The main difference between trucks and bikes is that we have a registration number and other identifying features to be used so as a complaint can be made or infringement issued. I have seen regularly extremely dangerous actions by some bike riders, such as: running red lights, narrowly missing pedestrians in areas where bikes should not be ridden and many riders who are just outright anti cars/trucks and will do anything to hold them up. So in a nutshell some form of registration with an identifying number plate will at least even the ledger and allow other road users and pedestrians a way of making a complaint and also law enforcement a way of issuing infringements.
    22 hours ago ·
  • Greg JohnsonNo – the cost of administering the system would far outweigh the revenue it generates, while adding more responsibility (in theory only, because they could never actually do act on anything due to available resources) to an already under-resourced police system. You’ll always have rouges, regardless of what you do…something Shane, I’d think, knows very well.
    21 hours ago ·
  • David LeeRun em over
    20 hours ago ·
  • Barbara BerimanDEFINATELY! they are the most stupidest people on the road, if they get hit, seriously it is their fault for being dumb.
    11 hours ago ·
  • David JohnsonMost cyclists are OK, simply travelling along staying out of trouble. but then there are those like Warne’s idiot who ruin it for the rest. That’s just plain deadshit behavior…. I propose we all drive old Valiants… They have a targeting ring built in on the bonnet. Take them out if they piss you off, I say.
    11 hours ago ·