Cult TV show Arrested Development may have been cut short back in 2006, but after a seven year hiatus the Bluths will be returning to the small screen next year. Brilliant!

After years of speculation, it was revealed in November last year that the full Arrested Development cast would be returning for a fourth season, thanks to online video streaming service Netflix. While the original idea was that each of the 10 episodes would focus on an individual character, creator Mitch Hurwitz this week confirmed that the show was becoming more like previous seasons.

He also confirmed that all 10 episodes of the show would be released on Netflix simultaneously some time next year. If successful, the show could potentially see a fifth and sixth season as well.

This is awesome news. Arrested Development was tragically cut short despite being one of the funniest, most original shows on television. It launched Michael Cera’s career and re-launched Justin Bateman’s as well. With the original team on board, it’s going to be fantastic to watch the Bluths return to the small screen.

The only concern is the Netflix connection – Hopefully international distribution rights won’t be forgotten as the show returns next year.

Via: Mashable