Ah, to grow up in the 80s. Those heady days when music wasn’t streamed through the internet, but instead meticulously recorded from the radio onto analogue cassette tapes. If only there was a way to capture the time in a piece of furniture…

Woodworking designer Jeff Skierka has perfectly captured the essence of bootleg cassette tapes with his Mixtape coffee table, a 12:1 scale replica of an old cassette tape made from reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite, with a plexi top. It measures 1.2 metres across and took five years to create the first prototype.

Presently only a one-of -a-kind prototype, Skierka claims on his website that future versions of the table will be CNC machined out of high grade plywood, with a glass top to keep everything stable.

But the best part of the design is that just like a real tape, the Mixtape table is reversible, letting you showcase both Side A and Side B. Being made of wood, it’s also going to be a lot stronger than traditional cassette tapes.

The only downside about the whole design is that you can’t actually buy them. Yet.

Web: Jeff Skierka Designs
Via: High Snobiety