Remember the heady days of $10,000 televisions? They’re back baby, and they’re totally worth it. Samsung’s latest TV is a 75-inch behemoth that’s stunning to look at and loaded with pretty awesome features.

The new Series 9 display will set you back $9,499. But for that asking price, you get the monstrously large 75-inch panel that features 576 individual boxes for backlighting and image processing, which is done three times to ensure the perfect contrast and sharpness.

In addition to spectacular image quality, the television also includes a pop-up webcam for gesture controls (including the ability to play Angry Birds), and the full suite of Samsung’s Smart TV hub. That means Foxtel, ABC iView, BigPond, Quickflix and plenty more on demand entertainment options served directly to the TV via the Internet.

Out of all the TVs we’ve seen so far this year in Australia, this is easily the most impressive. Sure, it’s pricey, but at 75-inches, what do you expect.

Price: $9,499
Web: Samsung