Having guests over for dinner is a great thing, having them ask you for a cappuccino after the meal though can be a very scary thing for some people. Not everyone knows how to make every coffee, lucky there is a machine that does.

IMG_3701We’ve been using the Jura A9 coffee machine in the EFTM kitchen and we’ve been rather surprised. Firstly, the machine looks rather good, Jura has won a bunch of design awards for this model and rightfully so. The design of the machine is actually quite smart, the water container, coffee bin and controls are all accessible without pulling the machine away from the wall or anything like that. All accessible from the top. The A9 accepts beans or even ground coffee, but no pods.


The A9 has the controls on top and two spouts at the bottom. This is handy for making two coffees at once, or getting one coffee made quickly. The third spout you can see is to connect the milk frother. This frother will work in conjunction with the machine so it adds the milk as desired, when desired.


Turn the machine on, swipe through the menu, find the coffee you want and press “Prepare”. The coffee pictured will be made without any further intervention. It really is that simple. For us it was often a double espresso however if and when people asked, I had no problems making a macchiato, cappuccino or latte.


Like any product there are some things we didn’t love. Firstly, when you turn the machine on it will automatically do a quick clean. So if you have your coffee cup under the spout you’re about to get 60ml of dirty water. You need to get used to that. It also does it when you turn the machine off. Secondly, and this is a personal preference issue – the coffee in an espresso was a little too watery for us. We tried different beans, different settings and different religious Gods to pray to. We just didn’t get the smooth coffee we did from the Breville Oracle. If you are having a milk based coffee though, this won’t be so much of an issue at all.


The Jura Impressa A9 is a beautiful coffee machine that makes anyone look like a barista. It takes the stress away from any dinner party and makes a good coffee. The only caution we will put out there is for espresso drinkers who like a thick, smooth, coffee.

RRP: $1,990