You’ve probably seen the social media and the news of the life-sized McLaren F1 car revealed at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix but we’re here to tell you – it’s bloody EPIC in the flesh.

We’re in Melbourne for the F1 and took time out to visit the Lego Technic display and even though I took a look during an F1 practice session there was a long queue of people keen to get up close with the car.

This giant is 288,315 LEGO blocks, and took 1893 man-hours to build under the watchful eye of Ryan “Brickman” McNaught.

It’s not just an F1 car, this one is built as a 2022 car, with the new front and rear wing, new look, and most importantly, being life-size there’s room for a driver! Even Daniel Ricciardo got in!

It’s been a big year for LEGO and Formula One, with the Mercedes Project One and F1 collaboration, then the LEGO Technic McLaren announcement – a set worth nearly $300 that sold out in its first availability.

It’s a celebration of Formula 1, and a great interaction for fans attending this weekend’s F1 race in Melbourne.

You can back order the large but not life-sized Lego Technic McLaren now at