In January we saw a sample of Belkin’s range of USB-C accessories and the good news for any USB-C capable device owner is these things are available now in Australia.

The range is extensive as we saw in Las Vegas:

It really hasn’t been until this month that I’ve seen the huge need for these accessories – with so many devices now adopting USB-C as a connection.

Of course it started en mass with the new Macbook and has since been included on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, the Huawei P9, LG G5 and most recently the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  And next year you’ll struggle to find an Android phone launch without it.

We took a look at five separate products.


3.1 USB-C to USB-C

Web: Belkin – $39.95

Great for connecting two devices for data transfer and also as a spare for any USB-C enabled power-brick.


MixItUp 2.0 USB-A to USB-C

Web: Belkin – $29.95

A simple standard cable for charging – Your phone or device will come with one cable, but having a spare in the car, or by the bedside or at work will be important to keep you fully charged.


USB-C to USB-A Cable with Universal Car Charger

Web: Belkin – $39.95

A simple option with the “cigarette lighter” adaptor providing the power with an included spare cable so your factory cable can stay at home or the office.


USB-C 4-Port Mini Hub

Web: Belkin – $74.95

Probably the most important USB-C accessory, the 4 port mini hub is ideal for a device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S which I’ve been using a lot.  That device has just one port, so with this hub you get two USB-C and two traditional USB ports to use.


USB-C to USB-A Cable with Universal Home Charger

Web: Belkin – $54.95

For a simple extra charging point this combo gives you power and cable for the home or office with the factory charger in the other location.