We’ve got three of the best mobile networks in the world, and we’ve also got one heck of a vast land mass to cover if driving from place to place is your business.  The two often don’t result in perfect communication.  Cel-Fi GO aims to improve that by boosting the mobile signal in your car.


I don’t know how old you are, but when I got my first phone it was installed deep into the car, and as a result we’ve often got measures of mobile signal “in-car” and otherwise.

Today, the coverage we expect is strong and consistent, yet even the best networks have their gaps.


If your business is on the road, trucking, deliveries, sales or service, being in contact with your office and customers is critical.

For a little over $1,000 you could install a booster into your car which amplifies the mobile signal on the Telstra 3G and 4G networks to give you a more reliable call and data signal.

“Cellular coverage in vehicles is more critical than ever before as the norm becomes to rely on mobile phones as the primary mode of communication in Australia,” says Raymond Smith, Managing Director of Powertec Telecommunications in Queensland.

Powertec are selling what’s called the Cel-Fi GO which has been approved for use on the Telstra network.


The unit is installed under your seat, with an antenna placed either on a rear window, on the roof, front bonnet like the old radio antenna days, or on a 4WD perhaps on the bull-bar.


Depending on the antenna you choose your signal will be boosted to give you a more reliable signal.

Don’t know about you, but if I was on the road all-day, I’d be keen for one of these to be in the car!