Uber cops a bad wrap from many people, but you’ve got to admit this is one hell of a great idea : using Uber cars and drivers to pickup clothing donations for the Red Cross – and it’s happening this Sunday.

Following on from the same idea last year, Uber and the Australian Red Cross have teamed up to once again push for Aussies to donate clothing to the Red Cross which will help them raise over $1 million and support the work the Red Cross does in our communities.

It’s getting cold, so while you may have a great jacket or two – there are others who do not. So, reach into the wardrobe, grab any shirts, scarves, jackets or jumpers and bundle them up in a bag.

All you need to do is then open the Uber app between 11am and 4pm this Sunday May 28th.

If you live in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney you’ll get the Clothing Drive option in the Uber App.

It all happens at no cost to you, and the items are then delivered to a local Red Cross Shop.

Important Dos and Don’ts for Donations:

  • While Red Cross is grateful for every donation, demand will be high, so please be patient while donations are collected from as many people as possible.
  • Australian Red Cross can only accept clothing, shoes and accessories – no toys, books, furniture or electrical items.
  • Red Cross Shops are particularly grateful for winter clothing donations such as coast, scarves, beanies and jumpers.
  • Make sure your donations are bagged and ready to go!
  • Please bring your bagged items out to the car when it arrives. Driver-partners will not be able to leave their cars unattended.
  • Please donate quality items only. This means items that people will want to buy, or that you would be happy to give away to a friend

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