With the launch of Amazon in Australia there has been mass hysteria around the end of times for traditional retail. We’re absolutely excited to see this major retailer coming to Australia but how serious is their threat? We grabbed five random items to draw a comparison.

Stanley Circular Saw

Amazon: $159.99 with FREE delivery. This is key.

SuperCheap Auto: $172.94 when you include delivery. It could be bought for the same price if you went in-store though.

Family Feud, the board game.

Amazon: $44.75 when delivery is included. This is important, not all of the items on Amazon have free shipping, a third party seller on Amazon may charge for shipping so pay attention!

K-Mart: $35.00 including delivery, it’s only $25 if you go into the store.

Braun Series 5 Shaver

Amazon: $214.69 including free delivery

Bing Lee: $158 with delivery or $149 if you go in store. That is a HUGE price gap.

Chanel Lipstick

Amazon: $65.80 with free delivery

David Jones: $63 with delivery or $53 if you head into the store.

Nikon Camera

Amazon: $189.85 including delivery. Interesting to note that a third party seller is selling cheaper through Amazon than what Amazon.com.au is offering themselves.

JB Hi-Fi: $203.99 including delivery or $199 in the store.

What does it all mean?

In some cases there are some good deals to be had when you browse through Amazon.com.au however we do strongly encourage you to compare the prices, be wary of delivery costs, and pay attention to where the item is coming from. With Amazon accomodating third party sellers this could be a good and a bad thing, just be aware of it. The reality is, if you’re out shopping in a traditional retail store today, there is no real reason to run home and jump online, yet.