Premium modern cars are almost impossible to knock off these days, well almost. There was a time when the Subaru WRX was the go to getaway car for undesirables, until the arrival of the immobiliser. Today exotic vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG are a must have for any potential criminal. The problem is most of these cars are stolen by thieves who usually break and enter to get hold of the keys. But organised crime gangs are getting around these high-end security systems, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

Via the internet these lowlifes are getting hold of immobiliser modules, GSM jammers, various wireless detectors and encryption software that can duplicate key programmers. A quick Google search reveals ‘how to unlock cars’ manuals plus advice on how to use radio transmitters to mimic the owners actual key.

But beyond using a key duplicate many in-car computer systems can be accessed via the diagnostic port that’s linked to the ECU allowing easy access to more information that would bypass the cars security system. The most stolen car in Australia is the Holden Commodore VE, it has an immobiliser, but these systems can be accessed directly via the wiring loom by criminals with the wherewithal.

54,294 vehicles were stolen in Australia last year, that’s a huge amount of insurance claims and costs to the economy in general. So, what can you do about this? Well today we hear about an old product that has made a resurgence. Remember the humble Club-lock? Well now we have a similar device in theory called the ‘Cop-Lock’. It’s been designed by a retired Australian Police Officer and Police Prosecutor with a vast experience in car thefts.

It’s a very simple mechanical locking device that attaches to the clutch or brake. A steel boot covers the pedal while a locking shaft secures the whole device to the floor. The major difference between this product and a traditional Club-Lock is that it’s not secured to a steering wheel that can be easily cut through. Short of using an oxyacetylene torch the Cop-Lock is basically criminal proof. You can pick one up for $79.95 with more details here.