There’s plenty of things that we all take for granted every single day, there’s also things we’d probably never think about until faced with the question for ourselves. For those in a wheelchair there’s one great new feature Google has introduced into maps to help them get around.

You see, as an able bodied man I can spend a day in New York City, simply type an address and have Google tell me how to get there with instructions of where to walk, which subway to get on and where to go at the other end.

What if that Subway entrance is now accessible by Wheelchair?  What if there are stairs down through a plaza on the route?

Today Google introduced a setting in Google Maps to allow you to choose “wheelchair accessible” as a route option – in the same way you can avoid tolls in your car, those looking for accessible options can now tick a box and get a route to suit.

This also works great for parents with prams so it’s got really wide potential for use.

The new Google Maps option is available in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston and Sydney.


A great addition to the service, and one to be welcomed by those in the accessibility community.