For many, this weekend will be all about the Royal Wedding. The female star of TV show Suits, Meghan Markle (who’s real first name is actually Rachel, yes just like in Suits!) will say “I do” to the party boy of the Royal Family; Prince Harry. There will be dinner parties and groups of people perched on their couch to watch a wedding of two people many would aspire to be.

But more importantly, what will they be drinking at the wedding reception? Could you actually be drinking the same beverage while watching the wedding and in some weird way feeling like you are even more part of it? It might be easier than you think.

Drink like Prince Harry

For a dude that had some pretty wild pool parties in Vegas once upon a time this bloke has been known to have a pining for vodka. He’s a Ciroc boy and is known to like it with Red Bull, you could say it gives you “rings”?

The cost to drink like P. Harry? $55 for a 750ml bottle here

Drink like Meghan Markle

The young American is a wine lover, we don’t just know this from her always available bottle in Suits, but her words, in real life. Megs loves a particular red wine which once became the name of her own little blog she once wrote. It ain’t cheap but living like royalty isn’t meant to be, dear!

The cost to drink like Meg? $160 for one bottle of Antinori Tignanello 2014 here and for those in the cheap seats… we found this one which is rather similar here

Drink like the Queen

The old duck Queen of England loves a tipple like anyone at a wedding. The Queen drinks a glass of gin mixed with fortified wine Dubonnet, garnished with a slice of lemon. This is actually not going to break the bank either and can easily be made at home.

The cost to drink like the Queen? Dubonnet is $26 here, some London gin will cost you $42 here and some lemons are a few bucks.

Drink like the Duchess

Kate Middleton was a bit of a bogan until she got involved with the ageing William. Behind closed doors you’ll catch her with a Jack Daniels in her glass. We’re assuming mixed with Coke. Yep, we’re surprised too… not much more to say really…

The cost to drink like the Duchess is $83 here for a case, which will make the Queen look good if you get through it all.

The Royal Beers

Prince William is a lover of Stella Artois available here for $45 and the Duke of Edinburgh; Philip loves a Boddingtons available here for $90.

Have a great evening watching the Royal Wedding, drink responsibly.