Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder how on earth a product is even possible, well today I saw just that – it’s called Pocketalk and it comes from a company called SourceNext.

This tiny little device which fits in the palm of your hand and features a touch-screen is android based, has a 4G SIM card in it and can translate your voice – almost instantly.

There’s only three buttons.  The power on the side, and two buttons under the screen.

You program the device with two languages out of the 74 there are to choose, then you press the button that corresponds to one of the languages you want to speak – after a short pause it beeps then you speak.

Almost instantly a translation appears on screen, and is read out by the device.

This is not a set bunch of regular phrases, this is translating whatever you want to say.

They’re selling for $299 USD – and that includes two years free unlimited data usage – globally.

Just think about that – a little device that can instantly translate the words you speak into another language – brilliant.

A great design, well executed and well worth a look for the regular traveller devoid of any language skills.

Web: Pocketalk