How does Samsung justify the price of the newly released X5 Portable SSD?  Let me demonstrate.

I loved the T5 – it’s plugged into my MacBook pro at almost all times, it stores almost all my recent and current working video content, and I edit directly off the drive in Premier Pro.

This is the Samsung T5 SSD Drive

In my review, I found it to be pretty bloody fast.

I just plugged it in again – here’s the Blackmagic speed test on that baby.

Good stuff huh?

Try again folks, let me demonstrate in one image, the power of the Samsung Portable SSD X5:

WOW, just WOW.

And then, there’s the looks:

It’s not like any hard drive before

Honestly, it’s impossible to fault technically

Then there’s the price.  Ahh, yep.  $629 for the 500GB, $1,099 for the 1TB as tested and a “less than an iPhone Xs Max in 512GB capacity $2,199 for the 2TB.

Not for everyone – I get that.

But for the serious video professional, on the road editing, this is just outrageously great.