Elon Musk loves a stunt, but there’s a fine line between having a little fun and being an absolute stammering lunatic. Many in the world just watched the most bizarre car launch in history live from LA.

The opening remarks were about the polluted LA skyline and the need to offer a solution to oil, by a girl who looked like a tattooed gypsy.

But then Elon Musk emerged from the smoke and lights. I’m afraid it rapidly fell off a cliff from that point onwards.

He pointed out that trucks or pick-ups as they call them, have been largely the same for 100 years. A showcase of debadged US utes where shown, as Musk pointed out the similarities between them, which he lamented. 

He remarked that we need sustainable energy now! As the Top 3 selling vehicles in the US are utes.

Cue the Cybertruck, just as crazy, just as brutal and edgy as I expected. I very much doubt the one showcased will come anywhere near to an actual production version however.

Musk said it is not built like a typical ute; via a body on frame construction. Much of the strength comes via moving weight to the outside of the vehicle. 

But then the claims started to really get weird. The Cybertruck won’t scratch, can survive an attack by a 9mm pistol and has armoured glass. Glass that kind of failed during the demo, although it was hit pretty hard by a sledgehammer.

It will come with adaptive air suspension and have up to 16-inches of clearance. The electric range is just over 400km and can tow around 3400kg. Starting from today in the US you can put down a $100 deposit for one, with the range starting off at $39,900 for the RWD version.

But honestly what I just saw was a freak show and given American’s gun issues, I personally found it to be a pathetic performance.