Snoring is a part of life. It’s something that many of us accept that either we, our partners or our closest friends are prone to. However in the age of technology, there’s absolutely no reason we have to suffer at the hands of it. Introducing the second generation of the ‘Motion Pillow’.

The first question that you’ll inevitably be asking is “how in the world can a pillow prevent snoring?”. Well let me cut the chase. Airbags.

Motion Pillow has a few components; a ‘solution box’, monitoring system and airbags. It works in such a way that when the solution box audibly detects the rhythmic sounds of snoring, it inflates one of the four airbags inside the pillow, shifting the sleeper enough to improve the airflow and alleviate the snoring.

Although there’s a little more to Motion Pillow that meets the eye. As well as detecting audio, the aptly named ‘solution box’ doubles as a wireless charger! A considerate thought by the developers as more often than not, most of us only have one or two power points near the bed – a spot we can’t afford to give exclusively to our inflatable pillow.

Outside of preventing you from snoring and charging your phone, the Motion Pillow also takes full responsibility for monitoring and analyzing your sleep.

The system will capture the data from your nights rest and analyze it comparatively to previous nights in order to show you the quality of sleep and the amount you’re snoring throughout the night.

It’s the not the first snoring pillow and it won’t be the last, but sure is an interesting way to go about it.