At CES 2024 next week LG is set to unveil its new smart home AI agent to help you manage your home thanks to its ability to “move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations.”

LG’s commitment to the “Zero Labor Home” is showcased with the new AI agent which uses its two legs and wheels to navigate your house independently. It does so while verbally interacting with users combining both voice and image recognition along with natural language processing to understand context and intentions in the conversation.

The AI smart agent functions as a “moving” smart home hub and includes not just the ability to connect to and control your smart home appliances and devices but also thanks to its on-device computing can perform face and user recognition on-device.

The smart agent includes a built-in camera, speaker and sensors to gather real-time data such as temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. The smart agent can roam your house, analyse this data and send notifications to the user’s smartphone for things such as lights left on, windows left open etc.

Your smart home AI agent can greet you at the door when you get home, analyse your facial expression, and use that to set the mood with music or other content to match. Like any smart hub it can also provide transportation details, weather updates and any reminders or schedules you may have. It’s the home hub with AI smarts which can follow you around your house or monitor your entire house while you are away.

Keep an eye out for more details and videos of it in action next week when CES 2024 kicks off.

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