Rant time readers!  So a few days before Australia day I said to my wife we are not doing anything why not invite a bunch of friends around for a simple sausage sizzle!

My idea: white bread, a sausage and tomato sauce with some fancy stuff on the side like some fried onions and coleslaw for those wanting some extra filling.  Add to that a few beers some wine and a packet of chips.  For the mood, clean the back deck add some extra chairs and put some good Aussie tunes on. Being the great new age guy I am I said to the boss (wife) I will organise everything

Well readers you would have thought she would have been happy – she did not have to do anything remember!  The words from her mouth were something like I am not going to lower my standards you cannot just invite people over for a sausage in a bit of bread!

Many conversations later all which I lost, this then turned into much planning about what would be served and who would bring what.

The invites were issued by me for a sausage sizzle and the instructions to bring some Nibbles or Lamingtons.  The wife then went about producing gourmet hamburgers, fruit platters etc.

The people arrived the Aussie music blared (Maybe there was even a Farnsy song). I took to the Barbie with my Coles sausages and I provided white sliced bread and some sauce.  My so-called friends then devoured the gourmet burgers and only when lobbied did the consumption of the intended party food gets eaten!

I am told those burgers were amazing but I as an act of protest consumed only 2 sausage sandwiches and the odd lamington.  The good news is many hours later and after perhaps one too many drinks all was forgotten and forgiven and everyone went home happy.  Even better as I saw the last guest off my daughter cleaned up.

So my question to you all, is it acceptable to invite people over for a sausage sizzle and actually serve a sausage in a piece of bread?  Cheers.