First Toilet Paper, then Pasta, next came medicines and even alcohol – sales of certain lines of products have shot through the roof in recent weeks as Australians come to grips with a new reality which includes a whole lot of time at home.

The next phase of that might have started today with the realisation that local Gyms would be closing under new strict Government health regulations.

EFTM confirmed today that has seen a dramatic increase in home gym equipment sales today and we’re tipping they’re not the only ones.

Kogan has a range of all-in-one Gym style gear as well as Dumbells – or as they call them – SmartBells:)

If you want something cheap, look for a simple set of Resistance bands.

But they are selling fast. And as always with Kogan gear, when they sell out, the next round of stock might take longer to get here, and in this climate, it might also turn out more expensive – that’s not retailers choosing to jack up prices, it’s often the suppliers themselves selling at a higher rate.

If you want to be sure something will ship fast – at Kogan, look for the little green truck – that means it’s ready to ship!

Rebel is selling loads of Gym gear too, and with the option to click and collect which might suit your urgent needs.

We also found Gym Direct selling loads of gear – to the point of having to make it clear there might be some delays in shipping.

So, get online, get shopping – then get fit and stay fit I guess!